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American Academy of Good Governance is a prototype of the University of the Future. Flexible, Focused, and Global. It is the ultimate in customized education. We develop and execute programs that educate, enlighten and empower our participants to become better leaders, effective public servants and inspirational visionaries. Every program is custom designed specifically for the participants, keeping in mind their particular needs. Location, faculty and curriculum are all decided in consultation with the learner and learning is a combination of knowledge, experience and exposure.

Our programs bring the latest ideas and concepts and methods through seminars, symposiums and lectures. We expose and immerse our participants to the best institutions and best practices in various fields. We engage our participants in real life projects that encourage learning through doing.

Our primary focus is on imparting knowledge and expertise in good governance for public and hybrid sectors that combine both public and private institutions at every level of governance; federal, state, local and city and in every area of government, including tourism, health and welfare, agriculture, industry and education. We also offer specialized programs in diplomacy and peace building, and in countering violent extremism and in public engagement.

Good Governance is an approach to government that is committed to making decisions which are effective, inclusive and transparent. It is a commitment to doing the best with the resources available within the context of the challenges facing governance. The key elements of Good Governance as defined and taught by AAGG are: Effectiveness, Inclusiveness, Transparency, Accountability, Rule of Law, Proactivity, Efficiency, and Competitiveness.

The most extraordinary aspect of AAGG’s programs is that they are all customized based on enrollment and desired themes. We tailor our programs to the needs of our student body paying special attention to their region, political and cultural particularities and their expressed themes. We have developed programs to train local elected officials, city mayors, and even regional Governors to achieve good governance bench marks in health and wellness management, emergency management, development of tourism, crisis management, and combating the drug epidemic. We teach good governance and one important element of good governance is listening to the needs of the constituent.

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